What are the most important terms and conditions I should know about?

You can read about all my terms and conditions in my website on the terms page. But here are the most important ones.

1 Same day lesson cancellations

You can cancel a lesson but if you cancel it on the same day of the class, you will lose that lesson from your lesson package total. It will be a missed lesson. If you cancel a class before the day of the lesson, that’s no problem and you won’t lose it.

2 Technical problems on your side

It’s your responsibility to make sure you have a good enough computer set-up. This is not something I can control. If we have technical problems because of problems on your side, we can not add extra time to a future lesson.

3 Refunds for no real reason

I do not give refunds in situations where you have just changed your mind about studying. Before we have lessons you had an opportunity to talk to me in a demo and explain your objectives. You will not get a refund if, for no real reason, you decide you want to stop studying.

How does Ask Jonathan work?

Ask Jonathan is a subscription service for students who want answers to questions about English. Ask Jonathan subscribers can send me questions about English using Skype, email, WhatsApp or any preferred messenging service. I will answer all questions within 24 hours of receiving them but usually aim to answer questions in just a few hours. There are two levels of subscription

1 Ask Jonathan Gold

For £20 a month you can ask unlimited questions.

2 Ask Jonathan VIP

For £50 a month you can ask unlimited questions with these extras:

  • CV checking service
  • Free 60 minute Skype interview practice lesson
  • More extras coming soon including membership of free discussion and forum websites for English practice

How can I schedule a lesson with you?

There are two ways to schedule a lesson.

1 At the end of each lesson

At the end of a lesson we can look at my Google calendar and I will ask you when you want to have the next lesson. After you decide, I’ll add you to my schedule. I can share this calendar with you so you can see all your lesson bookings.

2 You book the lesson yourself from my website. 

My students can schedule their own lessons by visiting the schedule link in my website. On that page, they can choose the day and time of their next class and make a booking.